Take yourself on a date

Love is in the air, but who says that singles (and those with grouchy partners) need to miss out? Whether you’re flying solo by choice or not, it’s important to remember to treat yourself occasionally – why should couples have all the fun? Take yourself out on a date this Valentine’s Day with our list of five great one-person-date ideas and remember how to be your own best friend.

See a film
Going to the movies is a traditional date idea for a reason. If you’re a little unsure about going out alone, seeing a film can be a great way to start. You’ve got an activity to help you forget your nerves, it’s dark so you don’t have to make eye contact with anyone else and you can take advantage of having total control over your choice of films. If you have time to visit the cinema during a week day, you might also be lucky enough to get the cinema to yourself. Make it a real date by treating yourself to an ice-cream, or pack a snack to take in with you.

Take yourself to dinner
You could visit your tried and true favourite restaurant, or branch out and try something new – either way, taking yourself to dinner can be a very peaceful experience. You can order whatever you like without worrying about comments from your dinner partner, you’re guaranteed not to have to share your food and you can take as much or as little time as you like. If you want something to keep you entertained, take a good book and linger over your meal as you get lost in its pages.

Teach yourself something new
Whether it’s crochet, archery or learning how to use Facebook properly, taking the time to learn a new skill without anyone looking over your shoulder can be very rewarding. Set aside a whole morning or afternoon, tell your friends you’re busy and then allow yourself to really focus on the task at hand.

Spend the night at a hotel
This is definitely one of the pricier one-person dates around, but it is also the ultimate pamper activity. Pick a hotel, it doesn’t have to be very far from your house, staying in your own city is just fine. You want to look for something which offers an all-inclusive room, so you can use the hotel’s spa, pool, gym and more free-of-charge. Next, see if they offer early check-in – you want plenty of time to make use of all the facilities. When you arrive, set yourself up in your room, and then work out whether you’d prefer to swim or sweat. It’s also a nice idea to make a dinner reservation, or you may wish to order room-service and watch movies from the comfort of your hotel bed.

That thing everyone else makes you rush through
You know that thing. You like to take your time shopping, but your friends sigh loudly whenever you head for the change rooms. You could spend hours wandering around the second-hand stores, but your partner won’t let you near them. You enjoy taking your time in the art gallery, but just as you’re finishing in the first room your family has already seen the whole exhibition and is demanding you leave. Whatever it is, set aside a whole day, head off on your own and move at your own pace. Taking yourself on a date is all about you, after all.

Do you take yourself on dates? Would you be comfortable going to the movies or out to dinner alone? And do you have any great one-person-date ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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