We don't care when you overshare

The social media phenomenon is still going strong and the public’s fascination with the minutiae of media personalities lives has not waned. Pictures of an inebriated Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt have appeared on Twitter, Rebecca Judd has posted photos of herself in a bikini on Instagram and has drawn criticism for being emaciated, while supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s contribution is of her doing a headstand on a beach. The queen of self-absorption herself, Kim Kardashian is releasing her own book featuring 350 pages of ‘selfies’! As if we haven’t had enough of her image over the internet, we can now have a copy of her book, appropriately titled Selfish, on our coffee tables.

Should we be more concerned about what messages are our children receiving from media personalities? Is it really OK to be completely self-obsessed and post pictures of yourself all over the internet?

Written by Andrea