Complaints Policy And Procedure

YourLifeChoices is committed to accuracy, impartiality and independence and supports self-regulation of the publishing industry.

If a complaint is received:

  • The editor or deputy editor will acknowledge receipt of the complaint as quickly as possible.
  • The publisher will be notified.
  • The complaint will be investigated via the author, the author’s information sources and all other relevant sources.

If the complaint is found to be sustained:

  • The complainant will be notified.
  • YourLifeChoices commits to correcting and clarifying the article quickly and transparently.
  • The correction and an apology will be noted on the revised article online.
  • The article may be removed if it deemed to be clearly incorrect and an apology published.

Should the complainant take the matter to the Australian Press Council (APC) YourLifeChoices will follow the prescribed process outlined by the APC.