What is Australia’s hottest retiree postcode?

Sea change or tree change? That’s the question many retirees ask. But what is the answer?

Australia’s hottest retiree postcode

Sea change or tree change? That’s the question many retirees ask.

But what if the answer is both?

In the YourLifeChoices 2019 Ensuring financial security in retirement survey, we asked our 230,000 members where they would like to retire and why.

Some of the 3500 survey respondents felt the call of the coast, or the whisper of the trees, but it was one particular capital city that attracted the most interest.

And not the ones you may be thinking about.

No, it wasn’t Melbourne and the pull of its café culture. It wasn’t Sydney’s sparkling harbour and surrounds. It wasn’t even the sunny climes of Queensland.

It was Adelaide.

The Festival State was deemed by over-55s to be Australia’s most liveable city for 5.27 per cent of the retirees surveyed.


Great facilities topped the list (7.68 per cent), closely followed by affordability and the fact that it was smaller and quieter than the major capital cities, yet still offered a quality lifestyle and all the entertainment one could want in retirement.

YourLifeChoices members think South Australians are friendly, the weather is good and they would feel safe living there.

They told us:

“It’s a city with an international airport, low cost of living, low crime rates and good facilities.”

“It’s a small city with big city facilities.”

“I love Adelaide. Easy to commute and country and sea are very accessible.”

“Not too big, less financial pressure than eastern states and easy to get around.”

“Safe, good climate and has great amenities.”

“Adelaide has all the services and facilities of a larger city but is not part of the ‘rat race’.”

“It’s like living in a big country town with the best features of the countryside and city, side by side.”

“Small walkable city with a full range of social amenities, arts culture, education and health services.”

“It is a small capital city and has many services for the aged.”

Melbourne finished second on the list of most liveable cities for retirees with 4.27 per cent or respondents selecting the Victorian capital, narrowly ahead of Brisbane 4.23 per cent and Perth 3.27 per cent.

Only 2.59 per cent of retirees considered Sydney a desirable retirement destination, while the most popular regional retirement destination was Port Macquarie (2.55 per cent).

Where would you like to retire? Why?

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    27th Jun 2019
    No. Go away we don't want interstaters flocking to Adelaide to retire and spoiling our lifestyle. Lo
    27th Jun 2019
    Like the city but not its climate.
    27th Jun 2019
    ozrog, I like Adelaide but Melbourne has more to offer.
    27th Jun 2019
    I cant understand why, extreme climate, cold winters, baking hot summers, gale force winds, water shortages, bush fires and high murder rate doesn't add up to my sort of retirement paradise.but then 5.27% is hardly an overwhelming vote of confidence when nearly 95% of retires didn't nominate Adelaide. Still the more who choose to go there all the better for preserving the real paradises.
    27th Jun 2019
    I'm glad I retired to Cairns. I love it, the climate, facilities, restaurants and lifestyle suit me, althouth I do wish the local council would make access to three-storey buildings better
    27th Jun 2019
    Used to live up there for a few years, came down to Brissie because of work change. Still go back 4-5 weeks per year. Very few buildings in Cairns have lifts and now past 70 I find it more difficult to get something reasonable to spend my time in.
    27th Jun 2019
    I'll stick with my beloved Perth. I was born here and will die here.
    27th Jun 2019
    Pamiea, I feel the same about my beloved Melbourne.
    27th Jun 2019
    Definitely the best weather though at the moment.......not so sure.
    27th Jun 2019
    Bella54, I love cold weather. I hate hot weather, it's draining.
    27th Jun 2019
    I think I'll stay in a rural city in NSW thank you.
    27th Jun 2019
    I have lived in Adelaide all my life and I love it BUT I don't think the weather is the best, or the crime rate is low, or it is that affordable. We would love to be retired somewhere a bit more tropical. It is a matter of opinion.
    27th Jun 2019
    My old dunghill is only worth around $250,000 (2 acres, old house) on the edge of rural Western Vic -where else can i buy a 4 bedroom rendered 'cottage' for that sort of money! No facilities here like there is in the big smoke, but it's quiet, feels safe & i have an amazing network of friends & family here. What more could i want if i did have the financial choice (& I haven't) =would like to downsize/move to town, but where else can i buy a $250k house without all the maintence/upkeep costs that i have got here & with cheap utilities etc?
    28th Jun 2019
    We moved 3 weeks ago to beautiful Tasmania.
    Have been living in Queensland for the last 42 years but the heat is becoming unbearable! Now I enjoy cooler climate, stunning sceneries and one of the cleanest air on the planet.
    29th Jun 2019
    Well said
    28th Jun 2019
    Probably where there are relatives and friends to visit. A place and its climate is only of secondary importance.

    Start advertising good things about Adelaide that are free and it will be full of no hopers and crims in no time. A place may be good for retirees but not for others, if it has limited employment opportunities.

    I can remember Adelaide becoming popular about 1990
    30th Jun 2019
    Newcastle, NSW is Australia's best kept secret. It is certainly full of retirees. Lake Macquarie too.

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