Live well at home as you age

Australians prefer to stay in their own home as they age. Can you afford the renovations required?

Older Aussies and housing choices

Safety and security and having somewhere that feels like home are critical.

Want to sell a room to cash up?

Product lets you realise some of the value in your home without having to sell.

The plight of older renters

Homeless figures grow as Salvos call for immediate raise in government assistance.

How to boost your property value

Building a granny flat adds value to your home and could create a new revenue stream.

Pros and cons of life estate plan

What are the pitfalls in house legacy plan? Proceed with caution, says Rod Cunich.

Home is where the heart is

The majority of older Australians own their homes and have no intention of leaving.

The retirement challenge

Your life expectancy has increased - will your retirement savings last the distance?

Downsizer contributions go big

Older Australians downsizing have contributed $1 billion to their superannuation funds.

Is maintaining a home worth it?

Has owning a home really become more expensive? Matt Grudnoff investigates.

Retirees’ mortgage debt crisis

Implications for physical and mental health ‘huge', say experts.

Should new property be jointly owned?

Bryan wonders whether a new property should be jointly owned or in his wife's name alone.

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