Economic downturn could ruin retirement for generous parents

The ‘bank of mum and dad' is one of Australia's most significant lenders.

Proposal to ‘strip’ village residents of rights

Senior residents have slammed proposed Victorian legislation for the retirement village sector.

Top seven mistakes that can land renters in trouble

Here are the top seven mistakes that can get renters into trouble.

Tax implications of renting a room

Margaret wants to know how renting out a room will affect her tax liability.

Housing affordability hitting low-income renters

Renters are being pushed out of the market with fewer affordable properties.

Tips for managing your commercial investment property

Managing a commercial investment property is often bet left to professionals.

Should you consider downsizing your home?

Living more manageably or freeing up equity - sometimes smaller is better.

RBA warns of dangerous property bubble and interest-only loans

The Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe has warned of a dangerous property bubble.

GormanKelly can negotiate the best outcome for you

Allow GormanKelly to negotiate the best outcome for you and your portfolio.

What are the financial pros and cons of downsizing?

Should you downsize? Listing the pros and cons may help you to decide.

Retirement income: will property give a good return?

Considering buying an investment property? Is this still the best way to make money?

Age Pension: time to include the family home

Simon Cowan explains why the family home should be assessed.

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