Seniors steadying property market

Older Australians are the reason Australia's property prices won't dive.

Increase the value of your home

Choose the wrong colour and you could actually decrease the value of your home.

Older Aussies leading homelessness

Older people are becoming homeless in increasing numbers and action is needed now.

Four rules for property renovation

How do you ensure that you don't end up over-capitalising your renovation?

Should I downsize?

Harry thinks he understands downsizing, but he asks Noel Whittaker for his advice.

Noel’s tips for cash-strapped duo

When is the right time for this cash-strapped couple to sell their second house?

Make your council rates affordable

There are a number of ways to remove the sting of your council rates.

Pay off solar sooner than you think

Will you ever be able to pay off a solar installation in time to enjoy the savings?

How will home sales affect pension?

Age pensioners Kevin and his partner have bought a house together. What now?

How you’re devaluing your home

Bad household habits can cause permanent damage to your most valuable asset.

When death is not a tax deduction

How to know if an estate needs to lodge an income tax return.

What’s the value of your house?

If you are preparing to downsize, how do you calculate what your house is worth?

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