Asset-rich but living in poverty

Around 1.2 million asset-rich older Australians are living in poverty.

Stamp duty concessions

If you're planning to downsize, will you get a stamp duty concession on your new home?

Top suburbs for mortgage arrears

Mortgage arrears may be at an unusually low rate, but some postcodes are bucking the trend.

Should you downsize?

There can be many reasons to downsize your home, but should you do it?

Financial help with downsizing

June recalls hearing about a program which would exclude proceeds from the sale of her house from

Financial pitfalls of downsizing

Craig Hall from NICRI answers a question on the pitfalls of downsizing

Your home, your asset

The pension ramifications of downsizing the family home.

Off-setting rental income

What are the implications on the Age Pension of any rental income received?

Deferred council rates

Does deferring council rates make financial sense?

Capital Gains Tax on the family home

Alan has heard that Capital Gains Tax may be introduced on the sale of the family home

Can you get stamp duty concessions?

There were some questions raised following our article on the new stamp duty concession rates

No place to hide

Recently a YOURLifeChoices member wrote in telling us about when applying for a local council parking

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