Centrelink Q&A: How will home sales affect Age Pension?

Age pensioners Kevin and his partner have bought a house together. What now?

Household habits that cause permanent damage to your home

Bad household habits can cause permanent damage to your most valuable asset.

When a deceased estate has to file an income tax

How to know if an estate needs to lodge an income tax return.

Explained: How to find the ‘fair market value’ of your house

If you are preparing to downsize, how do you calculate what your house is worth?

Federal Budget 2018: Money to keep Aussies in the home longer

Government aims to keep older Australians connected to their communities.

Rather than downsizing, some retirees are buying bigger homes

Retirees are buying bigger homes to protect their pensions and investments.

Cashing in on your property: the pros and cons

You don't have to choose between a roof over your head or the cash.

How to renovate to maximise your sale price

Renovations are about adding real value to your property when it is time to sell.

How to pass on your assets without losing your pension

The move that allows you to pass property to your kids without upsetting Centrelink.

Property renovations that are not worth your time and effort

If you are thinking of renovating before downsizing, be sure to avoid these traps.

You’ll still pay taxes when you’re dead

Rod Cunich answers your questions about death taxes and family obligations.

Don’t get caught out when buying off the plan

Do your homework and get specialist advice before you sign.

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