ATO reveals 10 richest and 10 poorest postcodes in Australia

Australian Taxation Office data also shows the top earning professions.

Aussie suburbs designed to make us physically and mentally ill

Expert tells how to improve health and wellbeing in Australia's booming suburbs.

Older Aussies rushing to cash in after Budget change

Surge in homeowners planning to sell their home and downsize.

How to make your home snug this winter

Your house can be warm, cosy and cheaper to run.

Planning some home improvements? Expert tips for spending wisely

When you're doing up a property, it can be all too easy to end up with regrets.

Most affordable and liveable suburbs – and best buys – revealed

Report also reveals the boom suburbs along the east coast of Australia.

What you need to consider when buying a recently renovated property

Investing in property is a sure thing, right? Only if you're sure ...

The heating systems that can make your home greener and save you money

Choosing a heating system is an important decision to make.

Why are borrowers leaving the banks for boutique lenders?

Want a competitive home loan but don't want to go with the Big Four banks. There are plenty of

Soaring housing costs pushing retirees into disaster areas

Older Australians living in caravan park or manufactured home estates face huge challenges.

Transform your home with these simple décor tips

It's time to turn our backs on 'cookie cutter' decor solutions.

The costly mistake most property investors make

More than 12 per cent of property investors are completely missing out.

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