What expenses can you claim when renting out a room?

Mark wants to know what expenses he can offset against the income from leasing a room.

Carpet cleaning – hire a pro or DIY?

Get your spring clean started by sprucing up the carpets.

How does Services Australia value excess land?

Ron is purchasing a big property but thinks it might make him ineligible for the pension.

Surprising ways to add value to your home

It's easier to increase the value of your property than you think.

Does capital gain from selling a property affect the pension?

Sanchez's mother is selling an investment property and is worried about her pension.

The unwelcome future stalking older single women

The Australians at greatest risk of homelessness and what we're not doing about it.

How to … recognise and deal with termites

Handle termites before they cause serious structural damage to your home.

HomeBuilder? Modifications can do much more to transform lives

Increased wellbeing, safety and independence flow from appropriate home renovations.

The trends that are redefining retirement in Australia

Retirement planning is complex, but these trends are set to make things even harder.

Land taxes may be coming, what will it mean for retirees?

Victoria and NSW are considering scrapping stamp duty in favour of land taxes.

Top tips for painting interior woodwork

Use our top tips to get a flawless finish while painting your interior woodwork.

Number of Aussies facing housing stress doubles due to COVID

The number of Aussies who couldn't pay rent or mortgage on time has more than doubled.

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