Save money and the environment with these eco habits

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The idea of climate change can be so staggeringly overwhelming sometimes, that ignoring it can feel like the least stressful option.

But if anything, 2020 has certainly made us take stock and consider the sustainability of how we live our lives. And there are small things we can all do to make a difference.

With a new year upon us, and a planet to help protect, consider a few of these green resolutions for 2021.

1. Switch your energy provider. So many companies now offer affordable, renewable gas and electric. Take the time to do a quick online comparison – you might even save some cash.

2. Avoid wasting energy. This is a follow-up to number one, generating electricity is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. We can help improve this in our own homes by ensuring that all electronic devices are switched off when they are not in use.

Even smaller changes, such as using LED light bulbs can have a positive impact on the environment not to mention reducing your power bill.

3. Start composting. There is a surprising amount of joy to be found in shredding egg boxes and chopping up banana skins. Your garden soil will thank you for it.

4. Buy bamboo socks. Or organic cotton T-shirts. Or sweaters made using recycled yarn. Or support fashion brands championing eco practices.

5. Refill your shampoo and conditioner. It makes you feel good, supports independent stores, and reduces plastic waste.

6. Swap don’t shop. And hire pieces of kit – such as lawnmowers and drills – where you can. So many community hubs now offer this kind of service, which helps reduce electrical waste.

7. Do your climate research. Education is vital if we’re to change our ways. Read up on the environmental issues we face and share what you discover.

8. Commit to meat-free Mondays. Or go meat free multiple days a week. Flexitarianism is the future.

You don’t need to cut it out completely, but reducing meat consumption will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and might make you feel better

9. Cycle more. Walk more. Drive less. You know the drill. Saves you money, reduces your carbon footprint and keeps you fit!

10. Recycle better. Not sure whether your local recycling takes different types of plastics? Check. If they don’t? Ask why. And find out where you can take it instead.

11. Plant a tree. Or support a community tree-planting scheme. They provide habitat for wildlife, improve our air, and support soil and biodiversity. And they’re majestic.

12. Give up (or greatly reduce) single-use plastic. It’s no secret that plastic is destroying the environment, the ocean in particular. We can reduce plastic waste in our homes by choosing alternative products.

Do your shopping with reusable bags and swap out your plastic sandwich wraps for biodegradable packaging. Until the government and corporations step in, individual action is crucial to help reduce plastic waste.

13. Use eco-friendly cleaning and beauty products. When buying products for your home, keep an eye out for ‘eco-friendly’, ‘biodegradable’, or ‘non-toxic’ labels. You should also consider switching to natural beauty and cleaning products. Replace your shampoo, conditioner and soaps with products that are free from parabens, petrochemicals, SLES, SLS, ALES and ALS.

Did you make a resolution this year? How do you do your part for the planet?

– With PA

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    “The idea of climate change can be so staggeringly overwhelming sometimes, that ignoring it can feel like the least stressful option.”

    This sentence is based on the information we are being fed by climate change supporters, a lot of whom are making money by promoting their ideology. Politicians are supporting those ideas because people are voting for political parties that appear to be doing something. The media has found a way to sell their wares by passing along half truths and ideologies without giving a balanced view. Those, like me, who want to challenge the climate change warriors who claim that the world will end by 2030 unless we worship at their altar are immediately labelled as “climate deniers”.

    Yes, there is climate change just as there has been climate change going back as far as geologists have proven. There have been hot times, there have been cold times and climate change has been happening on a more or less regular cycle. What man is doing may affect the climate but not to any great degree and, certainly, throwing money at the perceived problem will do nothing to make any worthwhile changes. I read today that Australia is number 5 in the pollution stakes because we mine coal and sell it to other countries who burn it, create pollution and somehow it’s our fault. On that basis, drug dealers are doing nothing wrong by peddling their wares, it’s the ones who use those drugs who should cop most of the blame.

    There used to be a hole in the ozone layer which was all the fault of underarm deodorants but when that pending catastrophe was fully investigated it was found to be a normal part of the atmosphere. We keep reading that the science is settled when nothing could be further from the truth. The climate change warriors aided and abetted by the media have chosen to fill our papers and screens with one side of the equation. The greatest lie of all is that 98% of scientists agree that climate change is man made. There was a poll taken in the scientific world where one of the questions was; “Do you believe that humans are contributing to climate change?” The answer is obviously “yes” albeit only to a small degree. The next question was; “By how much do you think that humans contribute to climate change?” with a list of choices ranging from 100% to 1%. The first question was published, the second question was not.

    We are asked in Australia to close down mining, shut the coal and gas fired power stations. reduce the national herd by 2/3rds and revert to renewable energy. The result of this will be massive unemployment, closing down of the manufacturing industries, a huge increase in meat prices and our global emissions will drop from 1.3% to 0.7%. I have not got a closed mind on this topic, it’s just that I am yet to see hard evidence that destroying Australia will do anything to reverse the climate change that is occurring. If people have proof that the Paris Agreement with its $billions will change the climate, please produce it. If somebody has proof of the percentage that humans are polluting the atmosphere, please produce it. BTW, CO² at present is about 400ppm which is necessary for plants to grow and humans can withstand up to 2000ppm so we are a long way off being poisoned by CO², certainly long past 2030.

  2. 0

    If you have “solid” boxes you can use them for a long time. I had 4 that I used for 40 years while I was working. I then continued using them until the lids split. The current biodegradable plastic bags perish and people then throw them in the bin. When the bins are emptied some light things sometimes blow away and we don’t know where they end up.

  3. 0

    cut down on your meat consumption



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