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I am receiving a part DSP, my wife works full time, I would like to know that if my wife refuses to give me the info that is required by Centrelink (her wage details) in order for me to get my support pension, Is my wife legally obliged to supply that information?. Although married and have joint bank accounts and live in the family home, we do live seperate lives, and enjoy our own seperate closed off space within the family house.

A.Answer provided by Centrelink General Manager, Hank Jongen.
You’re right that Centrelink needs to know about your wife’s income in order to assess your eligibility for Disability Support Pension. The income and assets you and your partner have can impact on your rate of payment. Although your wife isn’t legally obliged to supply information to you to pass on to Centrelink, failure to do so will mean Centrelink cannot pay you because we can’t calculate your correct rate. If you are already being paid and your wife’s income changes, you must let Centrelink know to avoid an overpayment that you would have to repay. Contact Centrelink as soon as possible on 13 2717 to discuss your situation further.

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