What’s the big deal this Christmas? Bargains galore

What’s the big deal this Christmas? We show you where to find huge bargains.

shop docket

If you are still paying full price for a raft of goods and services, then you have too much money to spare.

The abundance of coupons, shop-a-dockets, deal-search sites and retail loyalty cards means there is no excuse to miss a bargain.

Here are just three ways you can effortlessly save a bundle when you buy Christmas presents or shop any time of the year.

Deal searches
Websites such as finder.com.au provide a deal-search service for free. Just sign up as a subscriber and they will email you the details each time they come across a fantastic savings opportunity.

At the time of writing, the site was promoting 15 per cent off Bose audio products at Myer, flights to Bali from $239 return through Flight Centre, 20 per cent off the spring collection of fashion label The Iconic, and hundreds of other deals across more than a dozen shopping categories.

But you have to be quick. Many deals are available for a limited time and others are on offer for just 24 hours.

Gone fishing
Bargain bin site catch.com.au turns up the pressure by featuring a ‘clock’ that counts down the minutes to when a deal expires. It also regularly features novelty sales such as ‘$10 day’ and hundreds of half-price discounts on popular brands, including Finish dishwasher products, Scanpan cookware and Windsor Smith shoes.

Unfortunately, at the time of viewing, the site had run out of 30-piece Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes, long before the countdown ended. They were selling for just $5 – a 76 per cent markdown.

Shop a Docket
Don’t be tempted to say ‘No’ next time a supermarket cash register operator asks if you want to take your receipt. Grab it with both hands and peruse the Shop a Docket offers from hundreds of big brands printed on the back.

If eating out is a rare treat because of the expense, Shop a Docket will become your best dining companion. It constantly features deals from your local popular restaurants, such as Crust Gourmet Pizza and Noodle Box, to more boutique eateries.

Deals include 50 per cent off a second meal at Hog’s steakhouse in Orange, NSW; a free meal at Montezuma’s Mexican restaurant in Parkdale, Victoria; half-price meals at Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron in Portsmith, Queensland; at Fleurieu Family Bistro in Goolwa South, South Australia; and hundreds of other locations all over Australia.

Most of the offers are available for a few weeks, allowing you time to plan your dinner date.

If you absolutely cannot stand accumulating supermarket dockets, you can always go on the company’s site and search for offers in your postcode area, or join for free and receive alerts each time a deal becomes available near you.

Not feeling hungry? Shop a Docket also highlights bargains from other providers, including car mechanics, hair and beauty, health and fitness, trades, travel and accommodation.

With Christmas fast approaching, there has never been a better time to grab a bargain.

Do you rely on deals and discounts when you go shopping? What is the biggest saving you have ever made with a discount offer?



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    24th Oct 2017
    If you have Grandchildren the schools often have fundraising voucher booklets for about $60. However the booklet is full of discount vouchers well over the purchase price. They make for either a lovely Christmas gift if the families live locally or it gives you the option of purchasing at a reduced price. It also helps the school fund raising effort at the same time.
    Old Geezer
    24th Oct 2017
    It's so easy to save at Christmas. Just stop buying those useless presents for everyone.
    24th Oct 2017
    Ha ha I'm with you old Geezer.
    24th Oct 2017
    I can't believe I'm agreeing with you two. Bah humbug!
    24th Oct 2017
    Ha ha Janran I can't believe it either.
    24th Oct 2017
    100% agree with you. Has any one noticed that 95% of everything we purchase is made in CHINA
    24th Oct 2017
    I do the majority of my shopping all year round on the internet offer sites. You have to be prepared to buy in bulk on some sites but it's worth it. I get 90% of my christmas presents for the family online. Last year I bought my son a smart watch for $50, you can't beat that. There were only 5 on offer so you have to be smart & look for when these offers are available & get in quick.
    24th Oct 2017
    Gave up buying Christmas presents quite a few years ago. Less money wasted and the saving on angst is tremendous. Makes the whole season more enjoyable. Emjay
    24th Oct 2017
    I ask some sneaky questions to find out what they would like. In the case of little ones I ask the parents and discuss it with others I know buy for them so we don't buy them the same things
    24th Oct 2017
    I like your thinking, emjay. Christmas gifts are for children only, I reckon. And of course, consumerism and big business!

    What a waste of time, money and energy for all that crap!

    And then I have to decide what to do with all the crap given to me, even when I've clearly stated I don't want dust-collectors, crockery, etc.

    I say a hand-written, heart-felt card is more than enough, and something I will treasure.
    24th Oct 2017
    Shopping in op shops saves so much money and helps charities. Items are often brand new still in their wrapping. It's fun looking for bargains, whether it be for clothing, toys, handbags, hats, kitchen needs, furniture, jewellery etc. Op shops I've visited are clean and tidy. I enjoy finding items for my family that cost a fraction of the full retail price & are brand new in many cases.
    25th Oct 2017
    II buy gits when tings are on special during the year, There are other options. For older folk gifts from the garden are cheap and easy such as potting up herbs, If you have grandchildren why buy a board for the whole family to enjoy together,
    25th Oct 2017
    Try buying a card from Oxfam instead. Christmas is over-rated and hyped up to make money for businesses. It never ceases to amaze my how much money people spend on kids when all they need is quality time, take them on an outing to do something special it will always be remembered, but the presents will be long forgotten.