Five ways to bag a bargain next time you shop

Securing great shopping deals is easy with these five tips.

bag a bargain

Everyone loves a good bargain story. Mary had her eye on a faux leopard coat at H&M but the $130 price tag put it out of her reach. Luckily for her, she held out until the mid-year sale and nabbed the last leopard coat in the store (in her size!) for a mere $30. While not all of us are as lucky as Mary, securing great shopping deals is easy with these five tips.

1. Secure a deal on a cashback website
Your favourite stores are online and allow you to grab a discount via a cashback website such as, which contains over 1000 retailers, including Coles, Woolworths and David Jones. This is a great way to reduce your grocery bills.

2. Being a VIP gets you places
It’s a good idea to make the most of your VIP privileges by signing up to your favourite retailers’ VIP subscriber lists. You’ll be the first to know when there’s a sale and you may also be invited to take part in special events and share in offers, such as vouchers for your birthday.

3. Don’t match it, beat it
Many shoppers may not realise that retailers can do more than just price-match products – they can beat them. If you’ve found the same item at a cheaper price elsewhere, trying asking in-store if the company will offer it to you for even less. This is most likely to occur at large retailers, such as Harvey Norman or Bunnings.

4. Sign up for an AmEx card
You can grab great deals if you have an American Express credit card. For instance, if you spend $350 at Harvey Norman you can get $50 back as a statement credit. As always, however, remember to use your credit cards wisely and pay them back on time.

5. Scour Google for coupons
If you’re shopping online, try Googling the retailer’s name with the word ‘coupon’ to see if there are discount codes available. Websites such as and often have promotional codes of five to 10 per cent that can be applied to your purchase at checkout.

Do you have any tips for bagging bargains while you shop? Share them below.



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    11th Aug 2017
    To save just dont buy all the bricabrac crap in the first place. Really only end up like those hoarders you see on TV. Be happy with nature and surroundings around you as the basics are the only necessities in life. The poor are really the only ones kind to the environment. China is the main beneficiary anyway.
    The pom
    11th Aug 2017
    I have seen a newspaper advert for a product I was going to buy and when I went to Bunnings their price was higher so I asked for the lower price and there was no argument, just a price reduction.

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