How to navigate your way to financial freedom

YourLifeChoices members may be a savvy bunch when it comes to managing their money. But when it comes to making the most of your retirement income, a little bit of help can go a long, long way.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce moneyGPS, a powerful and innovative financial service offering launching this month.

The brainchild of George Haramis and Drew Fenton, moneyGPS is powered by a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) system that can help you navigate your finances with ease.

If Google Maps and its AI can accurately guide the how, when, and where you arrive at your destination, then why can’t the same be done for your money?

Enter moneyGPS.

moneyGPS delivers simple, convenient advice solutions at a low cost. Simply input your data, via mobile, laptop or your preferred device, and using their calculation engine, moneyGPS provides you with a personal financial roadmap, whilst utilising their ‘pay as you go advice’ model (i.e., you pay for one topic at a time, only when you need advice). It’s that easy!

George, Drew and the team have turned traditional financial planning on its head, giving you smaller, personal, and client-led, flexible advice journeys via ‘single topic advice’ plans.

And, if you choose to consult with a moneyGPS client service member ($55 including GST for 30 minutes), implementation of your advice is easy.

Importantly the service has been made affordable for the average Australian, whereas the current pricing of financial plans normally start at $4000 or more.

The moneyGPS calculation engine analyses all the financial data you supply, and produces a compliant advice plan for each single topic. The system also builds you a user profile, thereby eliminating the need to keep completing questionnaires for every new plan.

Anyone who has complex needs is identified at the beginning of the advice process and will be invited to speak to a financial planner to determine their financial needs.

The moneyGPS team’s initial suite of advice tools cover a range of topics for super, savings, lending & finance and investment.

Two flagship reports – the Money Check-Up (MCU) – focussing on the under 45yrs and the Retirement Check-Up+ (RCU+) – can be used as the starting point for all journeys and are offered at no cost, but moneygps place a vaue on them of at least $200 or more, if they were to be provided using traditional means.

Both the MCU and the RCU+ analyse your specific financial needs and provide a detailed factual report determining if there are any specific needs to be addressed via  tailored digital advice solutions, triaging to a financial planner wherever required for complex needs and/or utilising non-advice services such as online wills, debt reviews, insurance and ways to help you reduce your daily living expenses.

Clients of moneyGPS include several other national groups, who are planning to launch the service in the coming months. MoneyGPS is also the financial planning partner of H&R Block.

“Our clients are getting their ‘financial house in order’ and arriving at their financial goals faster, relaxed and with a capacity to do more with their money,” says moneyGPS chief George Haramis.

“You wouldn’t hesitate to use traditional GPS to shave 30 minutes or more off a two-hour trip. That’s what we offer: a shortcut to financial success, without sacrificing security. It’s the way of the future and exciting to witness.”

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Disclaimer: All content on YourLifeChoices website is of a general nature and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It has been prepared with due care but no guarantees are provided for the ongoing accuracy or relevance. Before making a decision based on this information, you should consider its appropriateness in regard to your own circumstances. You should seek professional advice from a financial planner, lawyer or tax agent in relation to any aspects that affect your financial and legal circumstances.

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