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How COVID-19 may affect super

‘Barefoot Investor' Scott Pape says there's no need to panic about your retirement savings.

Could your nest egg be wiped out?

What fund experts say about the impact of the coronavirus on your retirement plans.

Five ways to boost retirement incomes

Australia's retirement incomes system works well, but there are things that need fixing.

Income for life by longevity pooling

Worried about running out of money? This concept could ensure income for life.

Super funds hit the ground running

Super funds kick off the new year with an impressive start, returning 1.9 per cent in January.

Super is failing millions: KPMG

Australia discriminates against the majority of its population, according to financial services giant

Radical Age Pension proposal

Squeals would be heard, but there would be relatively few squealers and they might be unlikely to

Will the coronavirus hit your super?

Markets are starting to feel the pinch as they react to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

‘Perverse pension tax’ on retirees

‘Harsh tax' hinders those who have responsibly saved to fund their own retirement, says ISA.

Is super a saviour or a scam?

Age Pension costs less than super and delivers more, say experts.

Super an ‘inefficient monster’

As funds defend fee rises, senior economist and government minister go on the attack.

Time to rob the ‘super’ rich

Super industry lobby slams gender gap and generous tax treatment of the wealthy.

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