Food Safety

Nutritionist on Christmas Day dangers

Keep this festive health tip in mind this Christmas.

Guide to sulphites in wine

What are sulphites, and what's the big deal about them being in your wine?

Things to know before reheating food

How to keep the taste and texture of foods but avoid getting sick.

Clean your reusable water bottle

A water bottle is the perfect healthy sidekick - provided it's kept clean.

Six deadly foods in your pantry

Do you keep these poisonous foods in your kitchen?

Shopping smart while in lockdown

We're being told to minimise our trips to supermarkets and stores, but how to ensure fresh produce

Plastic is slowly killing you

You probably have 44 times more of this harmful chemical in your system than first thought.

Cook a bird without getting sick

Christmas is a time for family, friends and festivities but there's no room for food poisoning.

Foods that give you food poisoning

The foods every traveller should know to question before eating.

The worst foods to freeze

While still edible, think twice before putting these nine foods in the freezer.

Street food warning signs

Stuart is travelling to China and wonders whether he should risk eating the street food.

Never order these foods

There are some foods on the menu that should stay on the menu.

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