Federal Budget 2018: Plan to end age discrimination

The Government is trying to end age discrimination so people can work longer.

Federal Budget 2018: Plan to end age discrimination

Treasurer Scott Morrison made it abundantly clear during his Federal Budget press conference that it is still a policy priority for the Turnbull Government to push the Age Pension eligibility age out to 70.

The measure, which was first introduced in the 2014-15 Budget, has failed to gain support through the Senate, as it is considered grossly unpopular, unfair and unrealistic.

Rather than abandoning the measure, the Government has used this year’s Budget to try to make the goal more realistic by addressing some of the impediments of working until 70, chief among them age discrimination in the workforce.

Treasurer Morrison announced funding to provide a $10,000 wage subsidy for employers employing Australians aged 50 and over.

A new Skills Checkpoint will provide advice on relevant skills and training to help workers build their careers or transition to jobs in new industries.

The Government will also provide up to $2000 to fund upskilling opportunities for mature-aged workers as part of a new skills and training incentive scheme, while also expanding the Entrepreneurship Facilitators program to help those interested in starting their own business.

“This means older Australians will have more money in their pockets and our businesses will benefit from the knowledge and experience they bring to an organisation,” Mr Morrison said.

Will the new measures entice you to employ older Australians? Or get back into the workforce?



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    9th May 2018
    The $10,000 bonus for employers was already available. And the upskill payment - is for people currently in work. Nothing to help older people get IN to the workforce, or to stop employer discrimination. As for increasing the amount a person can earn before their pension is affected - increase of $1300 is $25 a week - which is one hour.
    Old Geezer
    9th May 2018
    Let's face it if you are good enough it doesn't matter what age you are.

    9th May 2018
    Many Australians over 60 have medical conditions and should not have to be forced to work till they are 70. This Government's cabinet can retire early, work overseas and still receive a pension. Get real.
    9th May 2018
    End age discrimination? Who do you think is supporting employers who practise this? THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT.
    All that is needed is a mandatory PERCENTAGE of older workers in the workforce. This will be resisted so the above is just BS and the next waste of money for election pork barrelling purposes.
    9th May 2018
    For 50 years I was never out of work as a tradesman, and never received the dole then at 64 1/2 I was made redundant and for the next 7 months I tried to find employment not necessarily in my trade with no luck. There are a lot more in the same boat
    What faraway land do our government their advice from as its not from real Australia
    9th May 2018
    Funny that me too . The company now has a 100% young employees now.
    9th May 2018
    And I might add I have 7 welding Certs
    9th May 2018
    Hairy I have just had cataract surgery and it’s all a bit blurred. I read your 2nd comment as “and I have got 7 wedding certificates”. My first thought was “this bloke would be too tired to get another job with 7 wives”! I ‘suppose 7 welding certificates isn’t quite the same.

    9th May 2018
    This is all a lot of hot air. Older people can be trained to the highest skill levels available but the wrinkles and grey hair will negate all of that. I, like thousands of other "older" workers was made redundant, got upskilled and applied for hundreds of positions for which I was properly qualified. The large majority of applications were not replied to and most of the ones who did reply told me I was overqualified for the position or did not make the short list because others had more experience or qualifications. I was never told that I was too old but the grapevine made that fact abundantly clear. Employers have the right to hire whomever they choose and us "oldies" are not on their radar. Employers are smart enough to never cross the discrimination line and that gives governments license to tell all and sundry that there is no discrimination and, further, their plans for upskilling "oldies" will work.
    9th May 2018
    End age discrimination?
    How about ending discrimination against age pensioners?
    9th May 2018
    If the retirement age is moved out to 70 it MUST apply to politicians as well. If they lose their seat at 50 they then need to work at another job until they are 70.
    9th May 2018
    Yes, in fact politician's special pension rules need to be totally scrapped, and they should apply under the same rules as anyone else. Until they do that, they have NO right to fiddle with the rules for pensions of others. We seriously need a petition to insist on this.
    9th May 2018
    I got a job in my 50s because I put an old photo on the application as it asked for one.
    I got an interview and the panel were surprised at my grey hair. I had all the information that it was not a requirement/legal to put your birth date or marital status on a resume. I also asked the panel if they wanted a person qualified for the job or a hot young thing to enhance the office. Funny I got the job.
    10th May 2018
    Love that story you shared, Annick. Using a bit of creativity to get a job. I never knew about the fact you don't need to put age and marital status. I always hate having to put marital status on anything what does it matter.
    10th May 2018
    So the employer gets the $10,000 and how long does he have to keep you employed until he sacks you and gets another oldie?
    $2000 for upskilling is not much, most courses are much more expensive, should have put that money back into Tafe.

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