Can I still claim an Australian Age Pension living overseas?

YOURLifeChoices subscribers come from all over the world and Stuart, who currently lives in Canada, wants to know if he can claim the Age Pension?

Q. Stuart
I am presently living in Canada and want to know if I can claim an Australian Age Pension, and if so, how do I proceed?

I am still an Australian citizen with an Australian passport. I was born in Scone, NSW in 1937, and left Australia in 1952. I lived in England for 13 years and then moved to Canada, where I now reside and am contemplating my return to Australia.

A. You may be eligible to claim the Age Pension under the Social Security Agreement between Australia and Canada. For more information on eligibility and how to claim, click YOURLifeChoices link to Centrelink

If you worked while you were in the UK and paid National Insurance Contributions, you may be eligible for a UK pension. If this is the case, any income earned from this pension will be assessed as income. For more information on claiming a UK pension, click YOURLifeChoices link to Centrelink

There is also information available to assist with your decision to return to Australia. Click YOURLifeChoices link to Centrelink.

Written by Debbie McTaggart