Disability Support Pension or Carer’s Payment?

Since his wife had a stroke, YOURLifeChoices member Graham has been her carer. Is he better to remain on the Disability Support Pension or switch to the carer payment?

Q. Graham
I have been on the Disability Support Pension for about three years and during this time, my wife had a stroke so now I am now her carer. I get the Carer’s Allowance of $114 per fortnight and I would like to know if I change to a Carer’s Pension. Are there any gains or loses in changing. I don’t really want to speak to Centerlink so any suggestions would  be welcomed.

To answer your question on whether you would be better moving from the DSP to the Carer Payment. Usually there is no difference in the amount you are paid on DSP and Carer Payment, but the qualifying and eligibility criteria may differ.

For example, if you planned to spend a large portion of your time overseas, you may be better to stay on the Disability Support Pension. Or, if you are on the Carer Payment and your wife goes into care for an extended period, then your payment may be affected.

I understand that you are not keen to discuss your options with Centrelink, however, as it holds all your information, it really is best placed to advise what payment suits you best. In the meantime, you may wish to read the information on both payments which is held on the Human Services website. You can access this by clicking the links below.

Carer Payment
Disability Support Payment