Centrelink asset clarification – Mobile home

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, George, loves his life on the open road but is confused as to why his mobile home is classed as an asset.

Q. George
I noticed one of the answers in the Q&A stated that the primary home is exempt from a means test and not regarded as an asset. I live and travel in my motor home, yet it is on my records as an asset and I am being paid my pension accordingly. I claim rent assistance only on very rare occasions when I have to pull into a caravan park. Could you please enlighten me on this?

A. Provided by Centrelink
If a Centrelink customer resides in a mobile home, campervan, caravan or a boat which they own (or are purchasing), they are considered a homeowner and the mobile home is an exempt asset as long as they do not own another residence and are only travelling for less than 12 months. Rent Assistance can be paid if you are paying site or mooring fees.

It’s best to discuss your individual circumstances with Centrelink directly on 13 2300.

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