Entitlements on returning to Australia

YOURLifeChoices member Catherine has been living and working overseas, but is now preparing to return to Australia. She is keen to find out to what benefits she may be entitled.

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YOURLifeChoices member Catherine has been living and working overseas, but is now preparing to return to Australia. She is keen to find out to what benefits she may be entitled.

Q. Catherine

I have been working full time in the Middle East for the last five years and age restrictions are possibly going to prevent me from working here any longer. I am having considerable difficulty with this issue world wide with the exception of course of places that have anti-discrimination legislation in place.

I am coming home on holidays, or maybe for good, next week and I am wondering if you could find out for me, or you have the answer in your vast experience of dealing with these problems, if there is a period when I would not be eligible for benefits if I cannot find a new position. I am a head teacher who will be 63 years of age in December this year and I would love to work for at least another three years but this may not be possible.

A. Provided by the Department of Human Services

Based upon a calculation of Catherine’s year of birth from details in her email, it appears that her Australian Age Pension age is currently 65.

Catherine will need to satisfy residence requirements. An Australian resident is a person residing in Australia and is an Australian citizen, the holder of a permanent resident visa, or a protected special category visa holder. A person is considered as residing in Australia if they are living in Australia on a permanent basis, that is, they intend to make Australia their home.

Catherine should contact Human Services as soon as possible upon her return to Australia. If she has already returned to Australia, she can even register for online services and register an intent to claim (this includes payments available to jobseekers). Any backdating of entitlement will be based upon her registered date contact. At that time the most appropriate benefit for Catherine will be discussed and she will then be asked to test her eligibility by making a formal claim. For most payments there is a waiting period. There are also exclusion periods that may apply in certain circumstances, such as the liquid Asset waiting period, Income Maintenance period, ordinary waiting period (usually at least one week commencing from the customer's provisional commencement date) or even a compensation waiting period.

Customers claiming Newstart who are new residents are required to have been in Australia, as an Australian resident for a period of at least 104 weeks before Newstart is payable. A returning resident may be assessed as already having served this 'newly arrived resident's waiting period', but this will be determined as a part of the claim process.  Currently, if you are single and have no dependent children your maximum fortnightly payment is $489.70. If you are single and aged 60 or over, after nine continuous months on payment your maximum fortnightly payment is $529.80.

To be able to assist further, Catherine will need to provide more information. This can be done by contacting Human Services by phone (within Australia contact employment services on 132850) or if outside of Australia, she can phone (+61 3) 62223455. Please be aware call charges will apply if phoning from outside of Australia and calls from mobile phones may be charged at a higher rate.

She may also like to view information on the Human Services website

Finally, before she spends or invests any severance pay, holiday pay or other lump sums, we recommend that she discuss her circumstances with a financial advisor or one of Human Services financial information service officers. This will assist her in making informed decisions and how they may affect her qualification or payability for an Australian benefit.


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    3rd Jul 2012
    I wonder how much Catherine has contributed in taxes towards the pension she now wants isnt it wonderful how people like her feel that they can work over seas and contribute nothing to Australia and when it suits them come back and hold their hand out to get what others have worked all their lives to obtain.. Shouldent the organisation or country she worked for provide her with a pension ?
    3rd Jul 2012
    i agree pickles .... hopefully the means testing will exempt her from rorting the system.. shes no worse than the illegal immigrants using oz when it suits her and stuff the rest of you.... i hate people like this theyr such users... they dont have pensions in lots of countries and she would have been very well paid to compensate for that so hopefully she has too much in hte bank or assetts to rob the system
    3rd Jul 2012
    wow nasty people aren't you?
    You have no way of knowing how years prior to that five years overseas she worked and contributed taxes in Australia. Presumably she qualified here, and considering her age, worked here for quite a while before moving temporarily overseas. For all you know, she taught you or your grandchildren, or even your great grandchildren.
    As she wrote that she will no longer be allowed to work where she is now, would you prefer she starve over there? She has the right to come home, and get some of the benefit of the taxes she paid prior to going overseas.
    Time to get off your high horses i think.
    4th Jul 2012
    Right on, evilmonk. Agree with you all the way. Such awful people. They don't know the first thing about the lady and they off like twopenny squibs, flapping their big gobs. Jerks !!
    4th Jul 2012
    Right evilmonk, I was in this situation, too. Overseas exchange of technology and experience is important, especially for a continent like Australia in her physical distance from other countries.
    4th Jul 2012
    well if she does have a lot of money hidden away i suggest that she declares it because if she does not declare it she could find herself getting free bed and breakfast for awhile. would you risk it. have a nice day

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