Medicare is Australia’s health care system that ensures all Australians have access to low-cost medical, optometrical and hospital care. YourLifeChoices Medicare page provides you with the latest news and updates including covered health services and programs.

Whether you are after information on claiming your Medicare payments online, how government private health insurance rebates work or even how to get your doctor’s appointments bulk billed, you are in the right place.

What the health minister says about a ‘Band-aid tax’

A major Medicare review recommends charging bulk-billed patients for wound dressings.

Push for Medicare-style dental scheme for older Australians

Gum disease and decay are rising and Australians are avoiding treatment because of cost.

Doctors seek Medicare funding overhaul

Chris Bowen wants a refresh, while doctors back Medicare investment.

Pay your GP what you want

Provocative plan shows people would pay more for shorter waiting times, longer consults.

Health insurance in ‘death spiral’

NIB boss wants Medicare abolished.

Medicare rebate freeze explained

Labor promises to end freeze within 50 days if it is elected.

Medicare to benefit

It seems that a healthy economy means big health spending.

Is it time for universal dental care?

Calls for introduction of a Medicare-style universal insurance scheme for primary dental care.

What’s not covered by Medicare?

What's not covered by Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme?

Is healthcare a two-tiered system?

Senior economist Matt Grudnoff reveals who the healthcare burden is hurting the most.

Doctors trade blows over privacy

Experts disagree on whether Australians should share private medical information.

Medicare rebate is sick: GPs

Doctors lobby for an increase to allow them to spend more time with patients.

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