Are legally blind pensioners entitled to more money?

Rob is legally blind and wants to know how this will affect his entitlements.

Can you apply for special treatment to be treated as a single?

Michael's change in relationship status has seen his pension cut and he wants a solution.

JobSeeker declared the new ‘pre-Age Pension’ payment

More older people than ever on JobSeeker payments, says budget office.

Were Age Pensioners unfairly denied a pay rise?

Living costs dropped for most, but did they drop for older Australians?

Government minister walks back talk of pension reprieve

Finance minister Mathias Cormann believes the position of pensioners has improved.

Aussie pensioners denied Age Pension increase in September

Pensioners will have to wait until February for news of the next pension pay rise.

PM flags possible pension payment reprieve

Pension indexation increase on hold, but the government may yet step in.

Big spike in demand for professional help with Age Pension applications

But Services Australia says processing goals are met 80 per cent of the time.

Pension taper trap hits savings of middle income retirees

Actuaries worry means test will force Australians to spend savings before retirement.

Calls for government to urgently refund botched debts

ACOSS calls on the government to immediately cancel all robo-debts and refund the money.

Reducing tax paid with tax offsets for age pensioners

As a pensioner, you may be eligible for the seniors and pensioners tax offset (SAPTO).

Does owning a property overseas escape the asset test?

Gina is planning to move to Australia and wants to know how the Age Pension system works.

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