Volunteer numbers to plummet as retirement age increases: study

Research shows regional areas will be worst affected.

Centrelink threatens to withdraw pension of 102-year-old woman

Pensioner asked to provide proof of identity to keep receiving Age Pension.

How to increase pension payments when you first apply

Dennis has been told to transfer his super into his wife's account to grow his pension.

Around one million pensioners to get July payment increase

Changes to the asset and income thresholds will result in a small pension increase for some.

Adequacy of retiree nest eggs

What you told us about your retirement goals - and whether enough was enough.

How to access extra financial support next month

Services Australia GM Hank Jongen explains extra income support and overpayments.

Merge Age Pension asset and income tests: Actuaries Institute

Pre-Budget submission targets climate change, the gig economy and wealth inequality.

Government urged to slash interest rate on retiree scheme

Given record low interest rates, loans scheme must be reviewed, says lobby group.

CPI figures point to an increase in the Age Pension in March

After deflation scuppered a pension increase in September, things appear to be back on track.

Are legally blind pensioners entitled to more money?

Rob is legally blind and wants to know how this will affect his entitlements.

Can you apply for special treatment to be treated as a single?

Michael is living in a de facto relationship, has had his pension cut and is looking for solutions.

JobSeeker declared the new ‘pre-Age Pension’ payment

More older people than ever on JobSeeker payments, says budget office.

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