Pension reductions

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Peter is currently receiving a full Age Pension but has been offered the chance to earn a regular, part-time income. He would like to know how this will affect the amount of Age Pension he receives.

Q. Peter
I am at present receiving a full Age Pension and I have the opportunity of some regular part-time work which would give me a gross income of approx. $600 – $700 per fortnight. I know that the Work Bonus would discount this by $250.00 per fortnight, but I am wondering how much pension I would receive taking into account the $350 – $450 I would be earning. Can you give me a ball park figure?

A. Your pension will be reduced by 50 cents in every dollar you earn over the allowable income limit. For example, if you are claiming a single Age Pension the current allowable income limit is $152 per fortnight. So if you were earning $350 per fortnight after the Work Bonus is deducted, your pension would be reduced by $99 per fortnight.

This is a rough calculation based on the information you have given and doesn’t take into consideration your individual circumstances.  I would suggest that you contact Centrelink on 13 2300 and a customer service advisor will be able to give you more exact information.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart