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Age Pension age for social security purposes is 65 years for men. Women qualify at different ages depending on their date of birth in accordance with the table below so by 2014 the minimum qualifying age for women will also be 65 years.

Age Pension Age for Women
Date of Birth Qualification Age
1 July 1938 to 31 December 1939 61.5
1 Jan 1940 to 30 June 1941 62
1 July 1941 to 31 December 1942 62.5
1 January 1943 to 30 June 1944 63
1 July 1944 to 31 December 1945 63.5
1 January 1946 to 30 June 1947 64
1 July 1947 to 31 December 1948 64.5
1 January 1949 and later 65


Beginning in 2017, the Age Pension age will be increased to 67 years at a rate of six months every two years as indicated in the following table.


                              Changes to Age Pension age
Date    New Age Pension Age    Affects people born
01-July-2017 65.5      1 Jul 1952 – 31 Dec 1953
01-July-2019 66      1 Jan 1954 – 30 Jun 1955
01-July-2021 66.5      1 Jul 1955 – 31 Dec 1956
01-July-2023 67      1 Jan 1957 – onwards

The qualifing age for male veterans with qualifying service and a service pension is 60. For female veterans the pension age is being raised by six months every two years so that by 1 July 2013, female and male pension ages will be the same; see the table on our Veterans’ Affairs page.

Visit this Centrelink page for information on the Age Pensions and other pensions, Income and Assets tests, Carer Payment, Rent Assistance, other allowances and benefits, age pension eligibility and other qualification information.
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The Disability Support Pension is a payment for people whose physical, intellectual or psychiatric impairment prevents them from working, or for people who are permanently blind. For eligibility conditions, amount of pension, claiming and other information go to this Centrelink page:
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Check this Centrelink page for a guide as to what are considered assessable assets under the asset test:
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You can also check what assets are exempt. Note this includes “your principal home and curtilage (the land around your house you use for private purposes) of no more than two hectares”. If the area is more than two hectares the excess is included as an asset.
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If you are receiving a payment through Centrelink and you are planning to go overseas, including Norfolk Island, call Centrelink because while away you could be overpaid or your payment could be stopped. If you are receiving a pension, phone Centrelink on 13 23 00. Veterans’ Affairs pensioners should contact their DVA office (click here).

Guide To Australian Government Payments Booklet gives details of the payment rates and eligibility criteria for all payments made by Centrelink and the Family Assistance Office. It is updated quarterly to reflect any changes in payment rates during this time.
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