Seniors Card – Where can you use it?

Seniors Card discounts are offered by different businesses and government departments and therefore vary between states and territories. There are also interstate and trans-Tasman discounts available, so it pays to find out exactly where you can use your Seniors Card.

When you receive your Seniors Card, you will also be sent an accompanying business directory, which lists the businesses and organisations that give Seniors Card discounts, and how much they are. If you lose or misplace this directory, you can request another copy but some of the Seniors Card offices also have the information available on their websites. For contact details of each Seniors Card office or to visit the individual websites, click here.

One of the biggest advantages, and possibly offering the largest savings, is the transport concessions available to holders of Seniors Cards. While originally only available to Seniors Card holders in their own state or territory, these concessions are now available nationwide and can save you a pretty penny when travelling interstate.

Great Southern Rail also offer travel concessions of 25 per cent on standard fares to those who register for a Great Southern Rail Seniors Concession Travel Card.

It also pays to take your Seniors Card when you travel overseas. New Zealand now has reciprocal rights for holders of Australian Seniors Cards, allowing them to access many of the discounts offered to New Zealand SuperGold Cards. Even when travelling to other countries which don’t have a formal agreement, it pays to ask if discounts are available as they will often be honoured.