Nothing taxing about taking care of your wishes

A testament to White Lady Funerals’ customer service and professional care.

Man talking to funeral director about his funeral plans

More and more people are looking after their loved ones, by preplanning their own funeral. When you plan ahead with White Lady Funerals, you are ensuring that your loved ones will experience the ultimate in funeral care and service.

Importantly, there is a host of valuable benefits that you yourself will experience, because White Lady Funerals brings a special expertise in tailoring a service to your individual requirements. This isn’t a dour process; instead it is all about you and your interests.

Valerie and Kevin McVikers recently preplanned their funerals, and Valerie had this to say: “We had a good few days playing all the music, making our choice, and it was a bit of fun. It was good fun in fact. It isn’t morbid at all: it takes all the stress and worry from your family,”

An experienced White Lady Funerals consultant will be with you, to answer your questions and to offer suggestions on how to tailor the service so that it is one that speaks to the real you.

And once the service you want has been planned, the cost is determined at today’s price, protecting you from inflation. White Lady Funerals is even offering a $500* discount on prepaid funerals, to make this even easier.

Funds are held securely for when the time comes, White Lady Funerals’ leading care will support those who really need it. You can also ask your White Lady Funerals consultant about an instalment plan, if you need one.

Yet there is another compelling reason to take care of future funeral costs with White Lady Funerals.  Your decision to do so will reduce the assets Centrelink will assess when calculating your Age Pension or part Age Pension entitlements. Speak to your financial advisor about how a prepaid funeral plan can help maximise your benefits in retirement.

*Terms and conditions: Does not apply to any other promotional offer. The discount of $500 applies to the funeral directors professional fees only. Valid for a prepaid funeral contract signed by 31 July 2016.


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    mike syngen
    5th Jun 2016
    This whole issue is just one big advertorial for White Lady.
    Not Senile Yet!
    5th Jun 2016
    How to become a USA State!!!
    Copy their not have your own!
    Allow Companies to publish articles all about how good they are.....because it's free marketing!
    Please any more of this and i will Stop engaging with you & your organisation.
    Desparate article that is just advertising in disguise.
    Toal rubbish!
    5th Jun 2016
    this article is BS

    5th Jun 2016
    OK, this is a paid advertisement but it brings up a subject that most people won't discuss. We have prepaid our funerals and if it is mentioned it's amazing how many people cringe and don't want to hear about it. As we see it there is a number of benefits to a prepaid funeral and no downside.

    Firstly, the way we want the funeral to be has been made known and the hymns etc chosen. The wake has been paid for and the family can start grieving sooner because there are no arrangements to worry about to distract them. We chose a prepaid funeral instead if funeral insurance because funeral insurance pays an agreed amount whilst costs continue to rise and a prepaid funeral covers all costs.
    5th Jun 2016
    And I should have also mentioned that a prepaid funeral is not considered as an asset under Centrelink regulations.
    5th Jun 2016
    My husband organised his. Took a lot of stress away for the whole family. He did it to look after us all and had exactly what he wanted at the agreed price. I agree with Old Man.

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