Remembering a loved one

A permanent memorial to a loved one is important to the grieving process.

Remembering a loved one

Creating a permanent memorial of a loved one is incredibly important, as it helps to process and cope with grief. How you choose to create one should be a personal reflection on how you feel about the person who has passed away, while also taking into consideration their wishes.

Having somewhere to visit and maintain a connection with a loved one is very important, especially on anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, as well as on those days when you just need some quiet reflection. A personal memorial also gives people ‘permission’ to express their emotions, be they of loss, grief, sadness and anger.

A permanent memorial, such as a headstone or plaque, may be more suited to when someone is buried. However, it is also possible to erect a meaningful monument when a cremation has been chosen. While a person may have chosen to have their ashes scattered at a favoured location, such places can, over time, be sold or have access restricted.

Many families now choose to create a permanent memorial for their cremated loved one, as well as scatter a portion of the ashes at a place of significance. This gives the family all the benefits of having a permanent place to visit, while still honouring the wishes of their loved one should they have wanted their ashes scattered somewhere special to them.

In the video below, Brendan Moar has some suggestions of what you should consider when creating a permanent memorial, and why it is so important to have somewhere to connect with your loved one.

Of course, it’s also important to think about making a memorial accessible to all family and friends who may wish to pay their respects or connect with others who knew the deceased. As it may be geographically difficult for all concerned to visit a permanent memorial, you may consider an online version. Such a memorial can include treasured images, favourite videos and music that serves as a vibrant reminder of your loved one. You can also create a digital memory book, where people can leave their own thoughts and memories.

If you’re unsure how to get started with an online memorial, HeavenAddress enables you to use its site to create your very own page and share with family and friends, who can then simply visit or add their own thoughts. You have total control over who accesses and contributes to the memorial. So, regardless of the type of send off you gave your loved one, HeavenAddress provides a permanent space where their lives, loves and passions can be commemorated.


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