Saving with a prepaid funeral plan

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Most of us understand that funeral costs shouldn’t be left to loved ones to cover after we die, and while some people opt to go down the route of funeral insurance, this can lead to paying more than you should to protect your family. But a prepaid funeral plan can save you money and gives you greater emotional protection for your family as well.

There is information available about the affordability and peace of mind provided by prepaid funeral plans, as well as examples of the savings you can make at

The affordability of a prepaid funeral plan comes from several factors. First, the price is fixed in today’s dollars for the service choices you make. Second, once paid in full, there is no more to pay. And third, there is no need for ongoing payments just to keep your cover current. The money for your prepaid funeral plan is safe because Simplicity Funerals has been providing Australia’s leading prepaid funeral plan for 21 years; and this strength and experience gives you confidence and peace of mind that the service will be delivered as you expect.

As a national funeral services provider, you will also have options should you move during your retirement.

Some of the other benefits provided by prepaid funerals include that it picks up where funeral insurance leaves off, because you get to make the choices you would like. You will have a say in the type of funeral you will have. Your family will have a caring funeral director at their side during an emotional time. And finally, a prepaid funeral is not considered an asset, so your Age Pension and entitlements will not be affected.

To find out more about how a prepaid plan could save you money, visit

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    My partner and I went to Simplicity Funerals and organised his and my funeral when he knew he didn’t have much longer to live. We got a really nice casket, flowers and the service we wanted plus dedicated people helping us out. They even went to the hospital to meet my partner and It make sure he was happy with what had been arranged. The cost was just around $5000 which I was surprised about as I thought it would be so much more. Thank goodness nobody has to worry about me as a loving man, my partner, made sure I was going to be looked. This to me is the easiest way to go. I hear of other insurance policies but they seem to be so much dearer. Our service was beautiful.



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