The 10 measures that will get travellers moving again

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New research reveals the majority of travellers are now ready to consider booking domestic and international trips, but only if airlines, airports, hotels and car rental companies collectively implement 10 different safety measures throughout their journey, including fully flexible or refundable flights.

The independent research from technology company Travelport is based on a survey of 5000 travellers across the United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia and New Zealand.

The study found that in all parts of the travel journey, it is deemed critical to have social distancing rules, mandatory use of face masks, and ready access to sanitising gel or wipes, face masks and gloves.

The study also revealed, however, that additional measures still need to be implemented by airlines, airports, hotels and car rental companies to fully restore consumer confidence.

The 10 measures travellers want to see in place before they commit to returning to travel are:

  • enhanced cleaning and/or disinfection
  • access to sanitising gel/wipes, masks and gloves
  • social distancing
  • temperature checks
  • mandatory wearing of masks
  • fully flexible or refundable tickets
  • improved air filtration
  • contactless services
  • plexi-glass at check in
  • managed boarding by row.

The research confirms domestic travel is likely to lead the recovery at least until there is certainty around borders remaining open and people becoming more confident in international travel.

The data shows domestic travel is growing at a rate of 50 per cent per month.

Full international travel is expected to be the last to return, as so much relies on the development of the pandemic – which is still in flux.

Airlines are seeing and expecting more travel ‘bubbles’, ‘bridges’ and ‘corridors’ to appear, where countries group together to allow people to travel with looser entry and exit requirements, based on the risk level.

On a country level, the study revealed demand for almost every safety measure is highest in India. Demand in New Zealand, while still high, tended to be the lowest across the five countries assessed.

When it came to age groups, demand for robust safety measures was again high across all categories, however, it was highest among baby boomers and lowest among millennials.

What will it take for you to reconsider travelling again? Are you already considering domestic travel? Will you be ready to go as soon as international borders reopen?

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Written by Ben


Total Comments: 10
  1. 0

    In the absence of being allowed to travel overseas which I will do as soon as I can I am considering local low cost travel within Australia. My home city has been free of COVID19 for more than seven weeks so while I remain careful (social distancing etc), my local life has returned very much to normal.

    I generally do not travel very much in Australia because in the past I have travelled extensively here and am discouraged by the high cost of accommodation and food. Now I travel to visit friends and explore new places where I have not been before.

    My first overseas destination would be to a country which has been more successful in containing COVID19 than was Australia (even before mistakes by the Victorian Government allowed a second wave there. (With just 25% of the national population Victoria has had about three quaqrters of the national total of COVID19 cases and more than 80% of the national deaths).

    • 0

      Really Alan! The only other country I know of which has done better than Australia, is New Zealand. The UK and the US are a disaster, along with most of Europe. As for a lot of other countries like Africa, Indonesia etc. they are just not reporting or not reporting the truth. Good luck finding a safer place than Australia. Although you might like to try Japan. At least they are very sensible people. This type of illness was always going to hit the elderly the hardest. It’s just a shame the sick ones weren’t taken to maybe a special isolated area of a hospital straight away and looked after there so that others didn’t contract the virus as well. Of course the massive casualisation of the workforce and poor wages is also to blame for so many people in aged care getting infected. It just goes to show you have no control over your life when you are forced to move into aged care and this is an extremely distressing thought.

    • 0

      Alan, no need for that. Just be supportive and helpful. We are helping other States avoid mistakes because people are the same everywhere. People choose to flout the rules whether in a hotel or their own home or sneak across a border, etc. We should rise above politics as the virus has no interest in your politics.

  2. 0

    It will take a lot more than this list of 10 to get me back travelling internationally again. If you do end up in a foreign hospital unable to speak their language you will be last on the list if you need a ventilator, especially if you are in the older age bracket as that is the situation in Australian hospitals anyway. It is already written hospital policy. The travel insurance industry will be a lot different after this and will either be too expensive or be absolutely useless as it won’t cover what you need it to cover.

  3. 0

    I won’t be considering any travel, either domestic or overseas for quite some time. It’s just not affordable for a single rent paying pensioner.

    If I do travel domestically, it will be by train/car/bus, and not on planes. I’ve already seen Australia, so I have no yearning to see any more.

  4. 0

    We should definitely spend any available money in our own country for some time to help people here. Wait to go overseas for a year or so to be sure it is safe. Other countries are suffering too, so Aus first, then help other places. This is similar to getting take away delivered especially in Melbourne where we are doing it especially hard.

  5. 0

    I would want greater seperation of passengers before even thinking about international travel and especially long haul. There have already been serious ‘hints’ that low cost air travel is a thing of the past. That being the case, packing people in like sardines will no longer be acceptable whatever Qantas CEO thinks.

  6. 0

    I wonder where this research comes from….. certainly not my view of things. I believe this virus will subside within the next 6-12 months and things can be back to normal – if the powers to be let it.

  7. 0

    International travel should not be even thought about until the world is completely free of the Covid 19 virus. It only takes one person and it starts it all up again in countries.

  8. 0

    The opening of international travel should not even be considered until the world is completely free of the Covid 19virus. It only takes one person carrying the virus with no symptoms and it’s a world wide pandemic lock down again. Keep international borders closed.



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