New COVID pill cuts hospitalisations and deaths in half

But experts warn the drug won't replace getting vaccinated.

Pfizer and Moderna now available to over 60s

All three vaccines are now available regardless of state or territory of residence.

Friday Reflection: A hug is finally in the air!

YourLifeChoices member Richard Burrell can't wait to be able to hug his daughters again soon.

Seven symptoms jointly predict COVID, study finds

A set of seven symptoms, considered together, can maximise detection, study finds.

Vaccination isn't enough – here's what we need for freedom

Vaccines alone may not enough to protect against the highly contagious Delta variant.

COVID booster jabs needed for older Australians: vaccine body

More data needed before recommending booster shots for most of the population.

Australia finally set to join the rapid home testing party

Australians will be able to test themselves for COVID-19 at home from 1 November.

Return to COVID-normal not so simple for older Aussies

Lockdown effects having a bigger impact than many care to consider.

COVID will shift from pandemic to endemic. What does that mean?

People are wondering when and how the pandemic will end and there are no easy answers.

Lockdown lows hit all-time high

Almost two-thirds of Australians believe their life become worse during the pandemic.

Why Australia's COVID plan needs more flexibility

Is the Doherty modelling being used by governments already obsolete?

Lockdown roadmaps threatened by fake vaccine passports

Hackers offering to update Medicare records with fake vaccine information.

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