Travel SOS: How do border closures affect train journeys?

Joanne wants to take the train from Adelaide to Perth for a holiday. Is this currently possible?

Queensland will open its doors to all of New South Wales

Here's what you need to know.

Study confirms the elderly should get COVID vaccinations first

Global study confirms the COVID vaccination policies of many Western countries.

What chickens can tell us about living with COVID-19

Could chickens really provide us with the answers to living with COVID-19?

Vaccinations, transmission, contact tracing: COVID questions answered

We are inundated with pandemic information, yet still need basic questions answered.

Concerns over limited data on how vaccine will affect over-65s

The vaccine that will be given to most Australians may not be suitable for older people.

Intensive care during COVID like a 'delirium factory', study finds

Rates of coma and delirium doubled early in the pandemic.

Will you need a vaccination to visit Australian venues?

NSW Premier hints at venues being able to ban unvaccinated people from entering.

Overseas travel remains unlikely this year

Dr Brendan Murphy plays down prospect of international borders reopening in 2021.

Higher costs, more errors when medicines scarce due to COVID

What to do if your medicine is out of stock - and what not to do.

Aussies much more willing to be vaccinated than Americans

Bipartisan support of the vaccine in Australia helping Australian attitudes to the pandemic.

Tennis stars call Australian Open quarantine 'insane' and like prison

Some tennis stars finding COVID rules way too confining.

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