Health Checks

Five myths and facts about keeping your teeth healthy

Follow these five tips to keep your teeth looking great

Five key signs of deadly sepsis

Sepsis is often mistaken for flu in the early stages.

Seven arthritis myths busted

Getting the facts straight about arthritis and joint pain.

Eight good habits to improve your vision and eye health

Don't take your vision for granted with these eye care tips.

Risk of developing inherited conditions decreases with age, study says

Oxford research team finds you're more likely to inherit a condition when you're young.

How and why all men should work on their flexibility

Trainer Shona Vertue tells how men can become more flexible.

All about warts: Types, causes, and treatment

Luckily, treatment for warts can be simple and effective.

Heart valve disease on the rise in Australia, cardiologists warn

Cases of heart valve disease on the rise in Australia.

Why your blood pressure changes with age and how to manage it

Pharmacist Eric Chan tells how to lower and treat high blood pressure readings.

Woodfired heaters are to blame for more premature deaths than first thought

Smoke buildup over rural areas leading to premature deaths.

Most Googled health myths debunked

Do you really need to wait 30 minutes after eating to swim?

A leading pain expert explains trapped nerves

Trapped nerves giving you grief? Here's what a leading pain expert advises.

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