One in six Australians suffers hearing loss and it’s not always age related. Finding the right solution to your hearing problem can be stressful, but there are people who can help you make your hearing the best it can be.

Hearing loss link to heart health

Heart health and hearing should both be on the top of your health checklist.

Investing in hearing devices

One of the most common questions asked about hearing aids is the cost.

Signs of hearing loss

If you're experiencing the following symptoms, it's time to take action.

Introducing out-of-sight hearing aids

Hearing aids are now so discreet that no one will know you're wearing one.

Foods to help fight hearing loss

Which foods should you include in your diet to look after your hearing health?

Exercise can help your hearing

Did you know that exercise could also help your hearing?

Quick hearing quiz

Take this quick test to see if you need your hearing checked.

Do you have hearing problems?

Are you one of the 4.2 million Australians who have hearing loss?

Four degrees of hearing loss

There are four general degrees of hearing loss by which hearing damage is measured.

When hearing loss is dangerous

When hearing loss starts to impact your response times, it becomes an issue which can't be

Six risks to your hearing

These six ways in which you can sabotage your hearing may alert you to the need to change your

Speaking to a person with hearing losst

Sometimes hearing aids alone aren't enough, so what else can you do?

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