Afraid of the dentist because of high gap fees? There is a solution.

Thousands of Australians are throwing good money away by paying for health insurance policies that only return 50% on common services such as dental check-ups or glasses. But many people don’t realise that in just a few minutes they could switch to a new policy and get 100% back on a dental check-up for just $3.85 a week*.

That’s why Health Insurance Comparison gives Aussies the opportunity to compare cover from a number of trusted insurers side-by-side so you can get value-for-money. Many insurers often offer deals through this site that remove or reduce waiting periods.

Dentists, glasses, and physios generally often aren’t covered fully by Medicare. Given a quick check-up and clean can cost over $200, costs can quickly add up**.

But many insurers work with affiliated healthcare practices to cover some or all of the costs, reducing the pain on your wallet. 

AHM, Bupa, and HCF are just some of the funds on our panel that allow you to claim back the full amount of one dental check-up even on a low-cost policy, while many funds have unlimited general dental policies or give back 80% or more on common extras.

It’s not just a dentist trip. A good optical extra can cover the cost of a new pair of glasses or lenses annually, or give you competitive rebate on fashionable frames. 

The trick is knowing where to look when you’re comparing policies – and that’s where Health Insurance Comparison can help.

[H2] Find the Policy That’s Right For You

We don’t charge any hidden fees or mark up costs – all of the policies come directly from the insurance providers themselves and you won’t find the same policy cheaper with them. You also can’t easily compare like-for-like with another fund.

We handle all the paperwork for you, so there’s no need to sit on hold to talk to your old fund. All policies on our panel come with a 30 day cooling off period, so there’s no need to worry about buyer’s remorse. 

So make your health insurance extras work harder. In just a few minutes you could see what the benefit will be to your bank balance.

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as medical or financial advice. Check with a financial professional before making any decisions.

[References]*Based on HCF’s Starter Extras With Optical. Price correct as of 29 June 2021.
**Choice / Australian Dental Association, How Much Does The Dentist Cost, August 2020.

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