This song can stop your anxiety

It’s easy to think that when we feel tired, stressed or restless, we can do nothing expect give over to these intrusive emotions. Many people turn to music to help ease negative feelings but what if there was one song that was scientifically proven to make you instantly feel better?

Well, there is. Weightless by UK band Macaroni Union was created specifically for the purpose of helping to treat the most common mental illness: anxiety. Backed by science, the eight-minute song was composed by the band in collaboration with sound therapists, with carefully arranged harmonies, rhythms and bass lines to help slow the listen’s heart rate. The song also helps reduce blood pressure and lower the stress hormone, cortisol.

Neuroscientists from Mindlab International tested the song for all these elements in a research study, and found it all checked out.

You can read more about the study at and listen to song below.

How do you feel after listening to the song?

Written by ameliath