Is it time to clean your fridge?

How often do you clean inside your fridge? Every week? Every year? Heath experts are divided on how frequently a fridge should be cleaned, but the general consensus seems to be that if it’s longer than six months, then you’ve left it too long.

Cleaning your fridge regularly is key to keeping food fresh and healthy. Bacteria and parasites from old food can remain inside your fridge and spoil other items. It’s important to store foods according to how cold they need to be kept, , so it’s worth while noting that some parts of the fridge may be colder than others.

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While wiping down the surfaces inside your fridge every week is recommended, you should aim to give your fridge a thorough clean every six months. This will entail the removal of all items, so it’s advisable to clean before stocking up. This is a good opportunity to check use-by dates on all food.  

After the contents are emptied into an esky, switch it off and unplug it from the socket. It’s best to remove and wash all shelving piece by piece, scrubbing with warm, soapy water. Drying each piece well will ensure that no residual moisture, which can help bacteria to breed, remains.

When you get to the fridge itself, a solution of two cups of water and two tablespoons of bicarbonate soda will help to remove built-up grime. Pay special attention to door seals and dry all surfaces well. A wipe with water (in which a few drops of vamilla have been added) will sweeten the task.

Keeping your fridge ‘healthy’ means your food will keep for longer and taste fresher.