The dangers of soy

Soy seems to be in everything you consume these days, from bread to supplements to sauces. But

Spring clean your diet

As we spring into the warmer months, most people will be wondering how they managed to let the

Do you really need to go gluten-free?

Going gluten free has become somewhat of a national culinary trend, with many supermarkets and

To egg or not to egg?

What came first, the egg or the warnings not to eat it?

Facts you think you know about food…

…are actually wrong! Have you ever wondered why you are not losing weight?

Is two litres of water a day too much?

While drinking eight glasses of water a day will do you no harm...

Diet and exercise could prevent cancer

The Medical Journal of Australia has found that a quarter of cancers could be prevented by

How to break unhealthy food associations

Many of us get into the habit of enjoying unhealthy food and drink while we're doing everyday things.

The diet pact (or confessions of a pactotherm)

Jean, a recent addition to the YOURLifeChoices team is putting us all to shame with her determination

Coping with food intolerances

Living with a food intolerance is much easier when you know you've got one.

Tips for a frugal pantry

Want to cut down on your food costs without compromising on nutrition? A few simple changes to

Eat yourself slim

Sadly, this title is slightly misleading. You can't eat what you want and miraculously lose weight

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