Food for thought

Remember your 20s and 30s, when your body could bounce back from erratic eating and overindulgence? Those

Battle of the bulge

In early 2008 Australia gained the title of ‘fattest country in the world'… not the land…

Healthy Eating

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating: Information about the amounts and kinds of food you need

Holding back the years

Healthy eating not only makes you feel better but certain foods can combat the signs of ageing.

Smart Technology for Healthy Longevity

With more Australians observing advice to eat well, drink less alcohol, quit smoking and enjoy

Walk to a healthy heart

Heart Foundation Walking (HFW) is a network of free community-based walking groups with volunteer

Flu fighting foods

One means of fighting flu is to get a vaccination but for those who are squeamish about needles,

Dr Ross Walker’s 5 tips for a longer life

The way to achieve the health and vitality that we all need is to practice what I call ‘The Walker

Super foods

Simple diet changes can help boost the immune system, improve cholesterol levels and even prevent

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