At home with your dog? Three ways to connect and lift your spirits

Walking is great, but here are other ways to boost your - and your pet's - wellbeing.

Australia's most popular dog breeds in 2021. And what do they cost?

Lockdown spurs record dog sales, but which breed was most popular?

Things you'll only know if you're a cat person

See how many cat-person signs you can tick off the list.

Vets, animal welfare groups call for an end to toxic pet food

Australians should be able to buy pet food that won't kill their pets, shouldn't they?

How to make dog ownership more affordable

You can't put a price tag on the love and companionship a family pet offers.

Your money or your pet? What Aussies would pay to save a pet

Pet insurance can be valuable, but there are lots of exclusions and caps: CHOICE.

Can I flush pet poo down the toilet?

You don't want a smelly bin, but what do the experts say about flushing that pet poo?

Got a fat cat or a plump pooch? Vet tells what you're doing wrong

Know your pet's starting weight and take it slowly, says veterinarian Jessica Mills.

Weird and wonderful facts about bearded dragons

Kim Kardashian has revealed the 'newest member' of her family is a lizard.

Special abilities that show dogs are smart

Dogs have numerous hidden abilities.

Lack of regulation for pet food in Australia

Australian pet food is self-regulated, and it's not working so well.

Your pet may predict your personality

Study shows dog people may be more outgoing, cat people more creative.

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