35 weird dating acronyms decoded

Dating websites and apps might be a popular way to meet someone new these days but how can you truly connect with your soulmate if you don’t speak the right language?

Perhaps you’ve browsed the dating profiles of other people and seen strange and unfamiliar acronyms used to describe the person’s personality and tastes. You might sit for a moment trying to decipher the acronyms, like a secret code you have to crack before the online gods allow you to get to know your soulmate. But for the life of you, you can’t seem to figure out what they mean.

Well, rest assured, because we’re about to simplify the dating game for you forever. Here are 35 dating profile acronyms that make up the new language of love.

  1. BBW – Big beautiful woman
  2. BDSM – Bondage/domination/sadism/masochism
  3. Bi – Bisexual
  4. C – Christian
  5. DTF – Down to ‘frolic’ (you know what we really mean)
  6. F2F – Face to face
  7. F – Female
  8. FtM – Female-to-male transgendered
  9. FWB – Friends with benefits
  10. GSOH – Good sense of humor
  11. GWM Gay white male
  12. HNG – Horny net geek
  13. ISO – In search of
  14. LD – Light drinker
  15. LDR – Long distance relationship
  16. LS – Legally separated or light smoker
  17. M – Male
  18. MBA – Married but available
  19. MBC – Married black couple
  20. MM – Marriage-minded
  21. MSM – Man seeking men
  22. MSW – Man seeking women
  23. MtF – Male-to-female transgendered
  24. MWC – Married white couple
  25. NSA – No strings attached
  26. NK or N/K – No kids
  27. SBiF Single bisexual female
  28. SD – Social drinker
  29. STR – Straight
  30. SWF – Single white female
  31. SWM – Single white male
  32. TV – Transvestite
  33. VBD Very bad date
  34. W – Widowed or white
  35. WAA – Will answer all

Have you seen or used any of these acronyms?

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Written by ameliath


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