California-based ‘sexpert’ Joan Price says it’s never too late for sex

According to US sexpert Joan Price “there’s no expiration date on sex”.

Attrative older couple kissing in swimming pool

According to US ‘sexpert’ Joan Price “there’s no expiration date on sex”.

The 72-year-old blogger and writer enjoys talking about “embracing and celebrating sexuality", and wants to inspire older adults who "may be giving up on sex because the old ways don't work the way they used to".

In her book Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex, Ms Price challenges the notion that sexual activity becomes taboo as people age.

"Our culture's idea that only young, unwrinkled hard bodies are objects of sexual desire is not true," she said.

Ms Price believes that many older people just need a slight “attitude adjustment”, and to believe that they are indeed worthy of finding a sexual partner if that's what they desire.

"We have internalised so many of the stereotypes – `oh he is not going to want me' – about all of us who are single now either through death of a partner or some other reason," she said. "We need to empower ourselves to go after whatever it is we are looking for – whether it is friends with benefits, a long-term committed relationship, a new love, lots of people to date, no-strings sex – any of these might be what we are looking for and we are all different."

She also feels that many older people could better utilise modern technology, such as online dating services and apps, otherwise “we will probably stay home and eat ice-cream".

So, what makes Ms Price such an expert on senior sex?

"The whole reason I got into this profession talking and writing about older-age sexuality is that at age 57 I met and fell in love with a man who was 64. We had the most delicious, hot sexy relationship and I thought at the time, why is this such a well-kept secret?

"Why isn't everybody talking about how great sex can be at our age?” she continued. "Was it the same as young people sex? No, but in many ways it was better."

Are you looking for love? Are you satisfied with your sex life? Do you have any suggestions for how our members can remain sexually active, or how they can get back on the scene?

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    8th Nov 2016
    What I love about getting older is that sex is not an issue. The sleazy guys all but vaporised. The guys with the ailing batteries have finally gone flat. Its a time to rejoice and enjoy life doing what ever and whenever it suits. So good luck Joan, I am sure she will sell lots of books but I don't even want to put a visual of two oldies in the nude in my mind!
    8th Nov 2016
    I fully agree with you.

    8th Nov 2016
    It is very coincidental (or apropos?) that sausage rolls are the next topic?
    8th Nov 2016
    Har har, thats if everything still works and there are no parts missing from the machinery. Who said it was an attitude issue

    8th Nov 2016
    I wonder if sex is "too" taboo for old Joan is she is on top doing most of the work - ?
    8th Nov 2016
    As an older single woman it was many years since I was sexually active and thought that part of my life was over. I had a recent encounter with an old friend who made me feel young and desirable again and starting to think maybe there is life in the old girl yet
    8th Nov 2016
    ...but George Clooney got married. :)
    8th Nov 2016
    Ha ha
    8th Nov 2016
    I agree mostly with this article, but it has recently been pointed out to me, although I don't have access to research to prove it, that many older women have unrealistic attitudes to sexuality because upon becoming single, many delve into online pornography, which fosters in them, as well as in men, an unrealistic attitude to their sexual desires, in that many desire a much younger sexual partner.
    I have discovered, following the death of my wife 3 years ago, that my forays into dating sites have been quite unfruitful despite the fact that I am fit, healthy, have good work and am not the ugliest bloke in the world. Women around my age just are not interested in anyone older than themselves. Conversely, I have had interest from women in their 70's, but my sexual desires are for women slightly younger than myself.
    Consequently, I have now begun, like so many Australian men, to look to the Philippines for a new relationship, not to find a hot 20-something, because that is unrealistic, but Filipina's are very loving and loyal, unlike the expectations of so many Australian women.
    Please prove me wrong, I would love it!
    8th Nov 2016
    Yes probins 01 I have a friend who is in his late sixties and brought over three Filipinas to this country the first two where to young for him and shot through as you would expect, but the third one has been around a while and he has two children to her and seems happy enough.
    13th Nov 2016
    Or is it they don't mind doing all the cooking and cleaning, maybe not so liberated as us Aussie girls who want to have fun and do the things we love rather than pampering an old mans wants and needs.
    13th Nov 2016
    Not so musicveg! I am more than happy to share the housework and did so for 25 years with my late wife.
    I ask nobody, male or female, friend or foe, to pamper to my 'needs'!
    I am not needy, nor do I need mothering.
    My parents taught me well to fend for myself, and my late wife continued that education.
    I cook, I clean, I sew when needed.
    I sewed most of the patches on my Harley Davidson vest, which is leather.
    I am looking for a sweet soulmate, lover and best friend, not a domestic servant.

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