Dementia drug one step closer

A Victorian hospital has commenced trials for a breakthrough dementia drug.

Dementia drug one step closer

A Victorian Alzheimer’s patient has become the first in the world to be given the breakthrough drug Anavex, which, it is hoped, will revolutionise treatment for the insidious cognitive disease.

Alfred Health was chosen as the first institution to commence the trials of the new drug for dementia patients. The hospital was approached because of the reputation of its clinical trial teams, which have over 30 years experience.

Anavex is unlike current medications – it not only treats the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, but also slows down the progression of the disease. According to Director of Aged Care Psychiatry at Caulfield Hospital, Associate Professor Steve Macfarlane: “Existing drug treatments for Alzheimer’s solely improve a patient’s symptoms, but don’t halt or cure the disease, which is why the most recent trials are focusing on being able to modify the disease to slow or stop its progression.”

“This trial – Anavex 2-73 – is unique and exciting because it aims to both improve memory and slow the disease. Another feature of the Anavex trial is the absence of a placebo; all participants in the study will receive the active drug”, he said. “Ultimately, we are hoping to find treatments that can prevent, halt or reverse the course of Alzheimer’s.”

Caulfield Hospital is actively recruiting patients for the trial. For more information about the study, or to find out if you qualify to participate, email


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    Nan Norma
    4th Feb 2015
    Stop Alzheimer’s and you'll stop alot of elder abuse too.
    4th Feb 2015
    Is it made from..Forget Me Nots ?
    4th Feb 2015
    Sorry Parti the drug companies wouldn't get money our of such a "drug" they are not allowed to use anything which is natural so that is why Drs do not reccomend them! After all Doctors are paid by drug companies to prescribe their rubbish.
    4th Feb 2015
    Yes I notice that about 10 Years ago when I went to one !! But I did like His New Golf Clubs in the Corner od the Consulting Room !! :-)
    4th Feb 2015
    I hope the new drug is effective and safe. If I was ever diagnosed with Alzheimers I would take matters into my own hands!
    5th Feb 2015
    Well by the sounds of things Helemc you will be one of the first to try it out. So how about it? I am damned if I wil be a guinea pig for their poisons.

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