Health Insurance

How to avoid out-of-pocket expenses with private health cover

Gap fees got you worried? Here's one way you can make sure you're not getting a nasty surprise when

Should my partner and I take out a couples or singles policy?

Is it cheaper to buy two singles health insurance policies, or club together and get cover as

Ditch or switch? Why canceling your health cover may be a bad idea

Health insurance premiums too expensive? There is a better way to cut your costs without cancelling.

Ageing baby boomers are missing out on health cover savings

Where to make big savings without compromising on cover.

Public hospital wait times on the rise

New guide outlines average wait times for elective surgery.

Be prepared for a second rate rise in just six months

This April health premiums are due to go up by 2.74%.

What health insurers won’t tell you about saving money on your policy

Find out how your loyalty is likely costing you.

Is April's health cover premium rise really 'the lowest in 20 years'?

It's difficult to compare funds like for like, but you must know this before 1 April.

8 reasons why your health insurance isn’t giving you value for money

Saving on health insurance is more than just finding the cheapest policy.

Your health insurance is about to go up. Again.

Do you feel like the cost of your health insurance is always going up?

Private health rebate levels are dropping, what does that mean?

Not only will private health premiums go up in April, rebates will go down.

Do life insurance payouts affect the Age Pension?

Geoff's death policy pays out to his children, not his wife. How does this affect the pension?

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