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During the holiday period, or when you’re travelling interstate, finding a doctor or chemist that is open and can service your needs may be stressful. There is now an internet directory that shows the addresses, opening times and phone numbers of GP clinics, pharmacies, emergency departments and hospitals across Australia. The National Health Services Directory is a free service that can be accessed via its website or smartphone app.

You simply type your location into the search bar, select which service you are looking for and the website will locate that service on a Google map, so that you can see where the closest options are. You can select the health service you are seeking, be it a GP, a pharmacy, a dentist or an emergency room. Find out which ones are open, bulk bill, are wheelchair accessible or have free parking. Enter your location and the options will appear on a convenient and easy-to-read map, so that you can find your way there. 

It will also give you the opening times and phone numbers of the health services located on the map, so that you know which ones are open and can get in contact quickly.

To access this service, visit Find a health service on the National Health Service Directory website or download the NDSD – Find A Health Service app for iPhone or Android

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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