Seven steps to help reduce your risk of dementia

Dementia risk factors can be managed with lifestyle changes or medical treatments.

prevent dementia

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Most people ask for the bad news first. Here goes …

There is no sure-fire way to prevent dementia, according to Alzheimer’s Australia.

There are risk factors you simply cannot control, such as genetics. But the biggest risk factor for dementia is ageing and that can't be changed.

Now for the good news: there are other risk factors that you can manage with lifestyle changes or medical treatments. Here are seven steps to reducing your risk of dementia.


    How do you keep your brain active? Do you have any advice for how to help people maintain a healthy weight? How do you safeguard against dementia?


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    24th Aug 2017
    1. Avoid negative people in your life (divorce family if necessary)

    2. Follow but do not try to understand politics here - that will drive you crazy.

    3. Expect little to no real sense from the many you meet or from those in politics/power.

    4. Take care of your own interests first - others are sure to follow.

    5. Enjoy the company of small children and animals - they make infinitely more sense than adult humans ever will.

    6. Eat well and regularly and post online any time you feel like it, expressing your views and thoughts, or better still, write a book of your family/personal history (Mein Writer's Cramp).

    7. A li'l ol' glass of wine or beer on that front porch - well - that never hurt nobody!
    27th Aug 2017
    Very wise comments....You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family.
    Animals don't answer back.
    Anne Ozzie
    24th Aug 2017
    Agree with Trebor and will add one more in light of recent report from the Nurses Study - a very well authenticated long term study on the health of nurses = avoid diet soft drinks the sweetners used causes stroke and dementia
    24th Aug 2017
    glurg - wouldn't touch anything with artificial sweeteners and such...

    Playing to a dead house tonight.... oh well... pension day for many.

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