Men now turning to plastic surgery

Men are starting to take their body image seriously and are doing something about it.

Body image is an issue most commonly discussed among women, but more men are seeking help from plastic surgeons to enhance their looks and build confidence.

Older men are having more minimally-invasive procedures to take years off their faces. Here is the list of some of the common cosmetic procedures that men are now taking to improve their looks.

More men get Botox than any other procedure. It’s injected into your face and neck to treat lines. The goal is to make your skin look smoother and more refreshed. Botox is often used to soften crow's feet, forehead creases, and band lines in the neck. It also may help with migraines, heavy sweating, and muscle spasms in your neck and around your eyes.

Laser hair removal
A trip to the beach can be embarrassing if you have a hairy back, so many men are taking the drastic option of laser hair removal to fix the problem. This method passes laser or light beams through your skin to damage hair follicles. Strands usually grow back finer and sometimes lighter. Light-skinned patients with dark hair often get the best results. 

Skin sanding
Just like you might grab a motorised sander to give wood a smooth finish, men are applying the same technique to their faces. Well, not quite. Microdermabrasion is the process of spraying tiny crystals at your skin to remove flaking and to lighten age spots and wrinkles. As you would expect when you are effectively sanding your face, you can look slightly pink after a treatment.

Chemical peel
If you don’t like the sound of skin sanding you can try a chemical peel to achieve similar results. This treatment uses a chemical solution to remove damaged outer layers of skin, smooth wrinkles and reduce age spots.

Skin resurfacing
One of the newer techniques to remove wrinkles and age spots on the face is effectively a laser peel, where the surgeon removes damaged skin one layer at a time with a targeted laser.

As you age, your face loses some of the fat, bone, and muscle layers under your skin. Wrinkles are easier to see when you no longer have that fullness. Doctors can inject fillers, such as collagen or hyaluronic acid, into your skin to plump it back up.

Eyelid surgery
Signs of ageing often show up around your eyes long before you spot them in other places on your body. As skin ages, it can sag, causing your eyelids to look droopy. This ‘lift’ removes the extra skin around the upper or lower lid, or both. It also gets rid of extra fat that can cause puffy areas under your eyes.


Have you ever had plastic surgery? Would you consider plastic surgery? What secrets do you have to fight the signs of ageing?



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    Ted Wards
    14th Mar 2019
    If only they learned about Lumispa by NuSkin!
    14th Mar 2019
    Ted Wards
    Tell me more please
    14th Mar 2019
    Lost interest when I read “Business Opportunities”.
    14th Mar 2019
    It's a waste of money. When you get old you look old, worn, wrinkly and nothing will stop the process.
    14th Mar 2019
    I don’t think Cher would agree with you.
    14th Mar 2019
    Arvo....Men have become very high maintenance these days. They need viagra and plastic surgeries to keep up with their young wives.
    14th Mar 2019
    Love me - love my bald patch... it comes with the territory... and I'm lucky in my genes - don't develop wrinkles - gotta be some furruner in there somewhere.... maybe a Chinese great-granny... not sure ....

    Just call me Genghis...
    14th Mar 2019
    Triss--Cher is wearing her backside skin on her face but eventually that will wrinkle and sag. Ageing always wins in the end!

    14th Mar 2019
    Breast enhancement?

    Penis enlargement so as to enter politcs as a free standing agent on a level playing field? (think about it)...
    14th Mar 2019
    You know what they say , " large penises = small brains".
    14th Mar 2019
    Penis enlargement? But not too big or I get dizzy and fall over.
    pedro the swift
    14th Mar 2019
    And then complain about the cost of health insurance!

    14th Mar 2019
    It seems men are becoming as vain as women. Effeminacy is spreading.
    14th Mar 2019
    Is Effiminacy that spreads, free or high maintenance?

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