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Find out about men's health issues. Information on your prostate and prostate cancer. Need help

Research reveals good news for men with 'dad bods'

Women reflect on images of ‘hot' men - and it's good news for those with ‘dad bods'.

Masturbation – is it good for you?

Therapist Lucy Patarcic gives a brief history of masturbation and tells what we now know.

Low testosterone: symptoms and natural solutions

Discover the symptoms of low testosterone and natural ways to boost it.

Is erectile dysfunction an inevitable part of ageing?

Does ageing make it inevitable? Are there ways that you can avoid the dreaded droop?

The disturbing stats for this half of the human race

Here's how you can reduce your likelihood of becoming a cancer statistic.

Health conditions that can harm your sex life

A long-term health problem can take the joy out of sex.

Prostate cancer warning signs

Keep an eye on the signs of prostate cancer and see your doctor for screening tests.

Men’s problems in the bedroom may be a warning sign

Men's problems in the bedroom may be a warning sign for more serious health issues later.

Pelvic floor exercises and other bladder myths

Is it too late to start now? Is a little leaking okay? All is revealed.

Men now turning to plastic surgery

Men are starting to take their body image seriously and are doing something about it.

Push-up capacity linked with lower incidence of heart trouble

Men able to complete more than 40 push-ups have a lower risk of heart disease.

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