Mental Health

How focusing on the positives can help your mental health

Optimism is often easier said than done, but here's how it could help.

Ask a counsellor: 'My mother is terrified of being left alone'

Dear Fiona: After her fall, my 76-year-old mother is terrified of being left alone.

What we can learn about support from Third World nations

Sunday columnist Peter Leith is 92 and angry. We'll let him explain why.

Want to keep your brain active and healthy? Try Sudoku

Study adds more evidence that puzzles can be effective for brain health.

Chronic pain causes brain changes that increase depression and anxiety

Researchers closer to understanding how persistent pain affects mental wellbeing.

What OCD really means and how to seek support

Many people don't realise how debilitating OCD can be.

How music can boost your wellbeing

Have you used music as a boost or a way to cope during the pandemic?

How your posture can boost your mood

How you carry yourself can have a huge impact on how you feel.

Mum was right - make the pleasure last

Peter Leith tells why we should all learn to pause and appreciate.

How storytelling is helping us better understand ageing and loneliness

Storytelling is helping thousands of Australians cope with loneliness.

Do you suffer from athazagoraphobia?

Do you fear being forgotten or ignored? You're not alone.

Explained: What is seasonal affective disorder?

Can you blame the weather for your mood? Maybe …

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